Screen 1

DRUM is nimbly leaping past WEST, coming off the quarterdeck and heading for the mainmast. He’s slinging his RIFLE across his back.

WEST is shouting orders, repeating Sabre’s last command.

1. WEST: Marksmen!
2. WEST: At the ready!

Following DRUM as he leaps into the rigging on the MAINMAST, beginning to clamber up.

We can see BART passing out RIFLES to CREWMEN past him. One of the CREW is whipping about, watching DRUM with alarm.

3. CREW: Oy! You!

In the RIGGING, as DRUM all-but flies up the ropes. He moves quick enough to give Giselle a run for her money, for the record.

We can see the CREWMAN below, shouting up at DRUM.

4. CREW: That’s my post, eh!!

Screen 2

GISELLE is in the tops, leaning out dangerously with a hand on a RATLINE.

DRUM’S HAND is on the platform by her feet.

1. GISELLE/singing: oh me boys, bring yer fire, bring yer shot
2. GISELLE/singing: ohhh, me boooys, let’s give ‘em all we’ve got…

GISELLE looking down in surprise as DRUM pulls himself up on the PLATFORM.

3. GISELLE/singing: …for there’s blood to spend for treasure…

DRUM has pulled himself onto the platform, now, standing on it with alarmingly perfect balance. With one hand, he’s unslinging his RIFLE, with the other, he’s removing his hat.

GISELLE is looking at him with wide, wondering eyes.

4. GISELLE/singing/fade:
…and hearts to win for love…

5. DRUM: Beg pardon…

GISELLE taking DRUM’S offered hat. She is instantly smitten.

6. DRUM: …hold this, please.