Hi, I’m Eric

Hi all,

We’re still a bit behind this week, and it looks as though my, “See you Thursday,” post may have been inaccurately titled. While conversing with YuriPup in comments below, and thinking about a few others of you whom I know were in New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Connecticut, and other places that were hurricane-effected, I wondered about the rest of you, the thousands of faceless readers who don’t comment on the site and we only know as numbers.

It’s been nine months since the last time we asked, but we are interested in you, who you are, what you do, where you’re from, how you found us, etc.

So please introduce yourself in the comments, especially if you’ve never commented here before. When we think of you, we’d like for you to stop being a number in Google Analytics, and for you to be a real person.

If you told us who you were back in January, check in with us again. Let us know how you’re doing. How’s the job situation? How are the kids? How’s school going? We want to know!