Sandy is rolling up to my doorstep, and the winds are starting to push the trees around. If I knew how to batten hatches, I would be doing so at this point. We’ll not have a new post today and will return on Thursday, but reader Joseph did share a piece of art in the comments section of our previous post to which I’d like to draw more attention:

My best wishes to the Lady Sabre crew while tackling these hurdles. As a fun aside for the delays, here’s a pic of the beautiful Lady Sabre sketch (I shudder to even call it a “sketch”) that Rick brought for me to NYCC earlier this month. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to meet Eric and Rick while at the show as I couldn’t make it to the planned dinner. Somehow we managed to call each other at the times that we were not in the ZERO cell reception areas! As I’m sure you all know already, they are two of the most fine and upstanding gentlemen I have ever met and hope to be able to cross paths with them again soon.

Enjoy the piece and to steal Greg’s line, “Hold Fast!”