Hi everybody!

Rick and I (Eric) are gearing up for New York Comic Con next weekend; Rick by getting his signing schedule in order — we’ll have that later on in the week — and I by trying to trick my wife into expanding the budget enough so I can buy the Robert Fawcett original art I saw at a booth last year (this plan also involves winning the lottery some time in the next week).

Rick and I will be dining together Saturday evening at Lillie’s Time Square (we thought the Victorian decor fitting), and we wondered if any of you would like to join us? If so, leave a message in the comments section, email using the contact form, or drop us a line on the Sabre Facebook page so I can update the reservation accordingly.

If you can’t make it, but will be in New York, stay tuned to this space to find out where and when you can see Rick throughout the con weekend!