Screen 1

Looking at the PROP on the FLYER, as it begins to whirl.

1. CREW CHIEF/off: speed! Stand-by! Stand-by!>

Angle, front of the FLYER. The PILOT and GUNNER/BOMBADIER visible. The PROP is spinning in a blur, and the FLYER is beginning to rock, its tail now off the platform. It’s ready to lift off.

TWO AIR CREW are CROUCHING, holding the ROPES that run to the LOCKS around the wheels. They’re both looking to the PILOT.

The PILOT has raised his fist to signal ready.

2. CREW CHIEF/off:

The PILOT’S FIST comes down.

3. CREW CHIEF/off: <…loose!>

The AIR CREW yanking on their ropes at the same moment, freeing the FLYER.

4. CREW CHIEF/off: <Launch launch launch!!!>