Screen 1

Angle atop the IRON CROWN. View is from the TOP of the zep, near the fore, so we’re looking out over the expanse of Aether to see PEGASUS in the EBG, still rather small but closer than in Day 1, still making its turn – from this position, she’s turning left, beginning to face away from them.

1. CREW CHIEF/off: <Work it, you slugs! HOIST!>

Tracking back, as if we’re moving the camera along the spine of the zep, so we’re now at the aft of the ship. We can now see that this is a flight deck, relatively narrow, but built out with supports over the curvature of the zep. A wood-planked runway.

An AIR CREW is working two sets of cranks opposite one another, hoisting the first FLYER into position on its platform. The FLYER is already manned – pilot and gunner/bombadier.

ANOTHER AIR CREW is doing the same beside them. (Figuring they can launch and recover only two at a time, Rick.)

The CREW CHIEF, a squat barrel of a Hollern man, is bellowing at the flight crews to turn his face red.

2. CREW CHIEF: <Hoist into position!>
3. CREW CHIEF: <Faster!>
4. CREW CHIEF: <There’s a pirate needs burning!>

Angle, past one of the FLIGHT CREW to the PILOT in the FLYER.

The PILOT is lowering his GOGGLES into place.

5. CREW CHIEF/off: <Spin them up!>