Screen 1

Looking at CAPTAIN the FIRST, HANS VON KATER, his own GLASS to his eye as he stands amid the bridge of the Iron Crown.

1. CAPTION/Sabre: “…I want to know what they’re doing.”

2. XO: <They’re turning.>

HANS lowers the glass, collapsing it. The XO is standing beside him, ramrod straight in his uniform.

3. HANS: <She means to run.>
4. HANS: <We’ll need to slow her down…>

Wider of the IRON CROWN BRIDGE. We can see that it’s a bi-level space, here, with the BRIDGE CREW at their various stations, monitoring pressure and power gauges on various consoles, brass handles and dials.

The HOLLERN HELMSMAN stands at the WHEEL, a series of LEVERS beside him.

HANS stands on the upper platform, now with his hands behind his back.

The XO, beside him, is relaying orders, pulling a SPEAKING TUBE from one of the consoles.

5. HANS: <Steady as she goes>
6. HANS: <Launch the first flight.>

7. XO: <Steady as she goes!>

The XO shouting into the TUBE, now held at his lips.

8. XO: <First flight! Launch at ready!>