Screen 1

Rick – I’m envisioning these as horizontal panels.

Extreme long shot, PEGASUS at Aether, the IRON CROWN opposite, breaking through the CLOUDS. We want the distance, here, so both ships will appear relatively small in this panel.

PEGASUS has sails raised – they were, after all, making good way, and thus they have the weather gage, for all it will do for them against the Iron Crown’s mechanical propulsion. Specifically, PEGASUS has SAILS out at the FOREMAST (FORETOPGALLANTSAIL and FORETOPSAIL) – MAINMAST (the MAINTOPGALLANTSAIL and MAINTOPSAIL) and the MIZZEN MAST (MIZZENTOPGALLANTSAIL and MIZZENTOPSAIL). PEGASUS has been running larboard close reach, meaning that the wind has been blowing towards it, but it’s sailing about 45 degrees into its direction to the left. The sails are thus all filled to reflect this. It is a pretty fast point of sail, but it unfortunately leaves the Iron Crown with the weather gage.

(And… I could be entirely incorrect about this, as my research is far from complete. Hopefully one of our readers will correct any mistakes I’m making here so I can get it right next time.)

As stated, IRON CROWN, with its own propulsion, does not have to worry about the weather gage.

1. SABRE: Coffey!


A general description of the background action we’ll be seeing on PEGASUS in the next few screens: Everything is in motion as CREW are rushing for battle – CANNON are being rolled out, BUCKETS of SAND are being carted, along with BUCKETS of loaded powder. CREW are rushing to the rigging.

Now, specifically on the QUARTERDECK – SABRE is striding quickly towards the HELM, the GLASS still in her hand. WEST close beside her, looking back, over his shoulder. DRAKE is following them, mostly because he doesn’t know what else do to. DRUM is following DRAKE, mostly because he knows Drake doesn’t know what else to do.

The HELMSMAN – COFFEY – is at the WHEEL, and is rapidly spinning it to turn the ship further to port. For reference, commands are given to the helm and thus the tiller, so she wants Pegasus turning further larboard, she’s ordering the tiller turned in the opposite direction.

2. SABRE: Hard a-starboard!

3. COFFEY: Hard a-starboard, aye-aye, Captain!

SABRE tosses the GLASS to DRAKE, who catches it, a little surprised.

4. SABRE: Keep an eye on them…