Angle, on GISELLE, perched high atop the main-mast, at the highest spar. She’s got her hair bound back, and is indicating off past us, shouting. Excited.

1. GISELLE: Two points off the larboard bow!

On DECK, as SABRE comes racing up from below, DRAKE at her heels.

They’re passing DRUM, who has been leaning against the rail here. He looks mildly curious at the commotion.

2. SABRE: West!
3. SABRE: Glass!

SABRE – followed by DRAKE – is joining WESTFIELD at the rail on the larboard bow, close to the masthead.

WESTFIELD is holding out a SPYGLASS for SABRE with one hand, indicating with his other hand – not fingers, but his hand – the called direction.

4. WEST: Through the low bank, just for a moment.

On SABRE, now all grim-faced concentration, as she raises the GLASS.

5. WEST/off: ‘Selle can’t make ‘em out just yet.