New angle, DRAKE watching Sabre. He’s still not sure what to make of her.

1. WEST/off: Still finding your legs?

DRAKE turning his head enough to speak to WEST, who’s now standing next to him, similarly watching Sabre, off. WEST has a grin.

2. DRAKE: They reside just where I left them, Mister Thane.

3. WEST: Sure they do, at that.

DRAKE and WEST, both watching SABRE in the BG.

She’s clambering up higher on the foremast, now standing on the topgallant yard. She’s having the time of her life.


On DRAKE and WEST, watching. DRAKE as before. He’s getting frustrated with this woman, but he is, of course, doing everything he can to conceal this fact.

4. DRAKE: She ever come down?

5. WEST: Eventually.