SABRE has swung about in the rigging, shouting down to the deck below.

1. SABRE: You should see this!

From the quarterdeck, at the aft of the ship. Past DRAKE, standing stoically beside the helmsman, who’s holding a steady course.

From this angle, we can see the current watch hard at work. The deck is being scrubbed, lines are being coiled, etc. We might see ADULA moving from one group of sailors to another. WEST is visible, stalking the deck with a watchful eye.

From here, we can see that Sabre is both 1) far away, and 2) lying.

A note on the current sails – all sails are REEFED at the moment, with the exception of the FORE MAST and MAIN MAST TOPGALLANTS, which are open and filled.

2. SABRE: Join me, Marshal! It’s not that high!


He is stoic. He is inscrutable.

He would much rather be on a horse.

3. DRAKE: No.