On LADY SABRE, close. Her eyes, practically shining with delight. Wind is whipping her hair back.


Pull back into what can only be called an iconic shot of Her Ladyship, the Captain, in the rigging of the FOREMAST, and pretty high up, at that. She’s leaning out, holding onto a ratline with one hand. She is the queen of all she surveys, a look of pure delight on her face.

The SAILS on this mast have been REEFED.

And we must admit, she looks both happy and lovely. Or perhaps she looks lovely because she’s happy?

1. SABRE/small: Fates…

Reverse, past SABRE in the rigging, to the expanse of Aether beyond. Sparkling clouds of MANIFEST AETHER dotting the far BG.

A SCHOOL of TRINN- these are big, Sagan/Salpeter-esque “gas bags” – are “swimming” past in the distance. [[[Reference:]]]. (I’m providing the image for reference/inspiration, nothing more)

It is all rather exquisite and glorious, really.

2. SABRE: …beautiful.