Screen 1

KAYA, still held, terrifed. Her eyes wide. Whatever she’s seeing, it’s making this a million times worse for her.

PAYNE is moving closer, not looking at her, idly examining her things, his hat in one hand.

1. PAYNE: Mr. Frederick, Mr. Burley, watch the door.
2. PAYNE: We wouldn’t want to be disturbed.

PAYNE looking at KAYA as FREDERICK and BURLEY slip back outside, as ordered.

3. KAYA/small: Stars, please…
4. KAYA/small: …I did nothing, only what she asked

PAYNE smiling at KAYA.

5. PAYNE: Your first mistake.
6. PAYNE: Fortunately, I’m here to provide you with a means to redress your lapse in judgment.

Screen 2

PAYNE moving around KAYA, still held as before. Things are shifting in the SMOKE as it holds her, but the SMOKE itself seems to move out of the way for PAYNE.

1. KAYA/small: Puh-please…
2. KAYA/small: …I c-can see him…

PAYNE and KAYA, close. PAYNE is genuinely curious, and a little surprised.

3. PAYNE: Truly?
4. PAYNE: I admit to curiosity, witch. I myself have never gazed upon the Smoke. Tell me…

PAYNE and KAYA, closer.

5. PAYNE: …what is it you see, Kaya?

On KAYA’S LEFT EYE. Wide open, milky cataract, the lot.

The faintest reflection of the SMOKE swirling, perhaps.

6. KAYA/small: Oblivion.