Screen 1

The AETHER PIPE in the FG, the SMOKE in the bowl.

It’s beginning to BUBBLE.

KAYA, past it, has pulled the cork from the BOTTLE, sniffing it with glee.

1. KAYA: …oh you sweet nectar…

KAYA swigging from the bottle in a most unladylike fashion.

SMOKE is beginning to spill from the PIPE, now.


KAYA lowers the bottle, her blind eyes open wide as she feels the SMOKE beginning to spill around her, filling the space.

2. KAYA/small: …no…

Full shot, KAYA turning, dropping the bottle. She’s terrified; she can feel what’s happening, what’s about to happen.

AETHER SMOKE is now unnaturally thick around her, billowing, crawling up her body from where it’s coalesced on the floor.

3. KAYA: …no, please, m’Lord–

Screen 2

KAYA screams as SMOKE CLAWS take hold of her, yanking her arms back, holding her by her hair. This intangible smoke somehow grabbing her, now. She’s blind, but what she sees, no one else can see, and she can see who’s doing this to her.

There’s something in the smoke, something awful and awesome and terrifying, moving.
And she is genuinely, absolutely terrified; this is what terrified her during the reading. This is what she’s been dreading.