Exterior establishing, New Bastion. We’ve been here before. Looking down the same alley-way that led to Kaya’s abode (back in Chapter Three, remember?). We should again be able to read the signage outside of her shop.

It’s evening.

1. CAPTION/locator: New Bastion.

2. KAYA/inside/small: Oh where is it…

Interior of Kaya’s hovel. She’s puttering around, blind as a bat, searching through a CHEST on the floor.
We can see the AETHER PIPE she used before, its bowl filled with SMOKE, but idle for the moment.

3. KAYA/small: …damn that boy, where did he put it?
4. KAYA/small: And I paid him, too…

KAYA straightens up, triumphant, holding a BOTTLE.

5. KAYA: …hah!
6. KAYA: Yes, good, fine…