Name these guns for hire!

Without further delay, let me introduce you to:

1. Jeppson Callow (name suggested by Bobble)
2. Sully Barclay (name suggested by ninjahq)
3. Beaufort (name suggested by James Carter)
4. Myron Deport Fredrick the Third, The Gentleman Rifleman.
5. and ”Sargent” Mendel Burley (these two suggested by Jeremiah McCoy).

Thanks to all who helped in naming our mercenaries, either through suggestions or voting! I have the feeling you’ll be seeing these guys again pretty soon!

Speaking of polls closing, don’t forget to have your say in our poll on how to collect our first trade, which I’ll be closing on Thursday. And if you’ve already voted, but have further thoughts, please share them in the comment thread at that post!