Name these guns for hire!


You may recognize the rough looking crew above from the Gunfight at Genevieve Pier, as seen in Chapter Four of our serial adventure. We noticed that you, our readers, seemed to take a shine to these fellows, and we don’t blame you — we kind of like them too!

You may have also noticed that, despite the bullets, splinters, and even suggested splashes of O-positive flying about the panels, we never saw any bodies. And this is comics, so you know what that means — we might see one or more of these brutes turn up again in the future of our strip.

But here’s the thing — we can’t just keep calling them Stovepipe, Cappy, Beret, Topper, and Derby (respectively). And so we thought, since you all liked them so much, why don’t we ask you what their names are?

So here’s the drill: Suggest your names in the comments below, including the number of the gunman for whom you’re providing a name. Feel free to suggest a name for each, or multiple names even! First and last, first only, or nicknames — your choice!

Late next week, I’ll compile the suggestions into poll form, and we’ll let you decide which of the options best suits the lovely faces (and hats) of each of the hired killers. These names will become canon, so we for the most part trust your decision making (we reserve the right to not make our characters a punchline, so no ‘Stephen Colbert’ing this thing!). And who knows? Maybe your answers will inspire us to reveal more about these capped chaps in the future!