The end of Chapter Five sees the end of Part I of this Book of Sabre. Eric, Rick, and I want, first and foremost, to thank all of you for bearing with us as we’ve gone from ignorant bliss to tragic misunderstanding to, hopefully, our first few steps into webcomic adolescence, if not maturity. I’m feeling reflective, as you can no doubt tell – we launched Lady S. on her voyage back in early July of 2011, reaching this point is, in many ways, further than any of us imagined. To say it’s been rewarding so far is an understatement; to say it’s been daunting is similarly evasive. This is our creator-owned venture, and so far, I think it’s both benefitted and suffered for being so.

Now, with all (or nearly all!) of our key players on the board and the stakes defined, we’re ready to move into the next phase of this adventure, both within and without. Within… well, you’ll see what’s to come. Without, the time has come to discuss our trade options, for we now feel that, yes, there is enough to warrant a print edition. In the coming weeks we’ll be re-opening the earlier discussion we had here about our options, what people would like to see, and, just as important, what they most definitely don’t. Our publishing options are many and varied, from traditional print sources with wide distribution to crowd-sourced financing and selling via the site and in person. Eric, Rick, and I have been going ’round and ’round on this matter for months already, and your input matters.

Finally, or almost finally, we’ll be taking a hiatus from posting strips for the next six weeks or so, resuming with the start of Chapter Six in early July, coinciding (at least somewhat) with our one year anniversary. While we won’t be putting up new comics, the site will still be active; the afore-mentioned trade conversation, for one; Monday Q&A with Rick, and Thursday Q&A with Greg, and we-haven’t-picked-a-day-yet Q&A with Eric; the conclusion of “Merrimount Orde” and additional Almanac content; more Good Stuff; and some yet-to-be-revealed fun and games.

Again, I’m going to repeat what I’ve already said – from all of us here, thank you for coming this far with us, for your faith and encouragement and feedback, and be assured, there is much more to come.

Hold fast!