The FAMILY, clinging to each other as the impossibly vast STORM bursts around them, obscuring them.

6. CAPTION/Sabre: “These things are known and true.
7. CAPTION/Sabre: “But in every age, there are whispers of Great Storms that
do more
8. CAPTION/Sabre: “…Great Storms that devour the Lands they touch, or remake them entire…

Screen 3

On the FAMILY, the storm having passed. The TERRAIN is different, altered, radically so.

The structure, the home, is gone. BLEACHED and SCOURED BONES, almost fossils already, of two of the people.

But the THIRD… has been changed into something entirely different. A new creature, some strange, perhaps docile, perhaps tragically or blessedly ignorant creature, that now grazes on the foliage growing between the remnants.

1. CAPTION/Sabre: “…and leave them forever changed.”