Screen 1

Looking into the vast open Aether of the Sphere.

AETHER CLOUDS are beginning to gather. We can see small islands of LANDS dotted here and there.

1. CAPTION/Sabre: “The Aether foams and storms, this is well known.
2. CAPTION/Sabre: “And most of those storms are harmless, the damage they wreak minor.

Closer on the CLOUDS… or are the CLOUDS growing that much larger?

There’s a fury brewing.

3. CAPTION/Sabre: “But rarely, every century or so, the Great Storms come.
4. CAPTION/Sabre: “Storms that manifest in the deep skies…
5. CAPTION/Sabre: “…and grow…

It’s magnificent and terrifying, now, the CLOUDS of MANIFEST AETHER, bolts of energy shooting and sheeting within, swirling towards us like a massive, churning wave.

6. CAPTION/Sabre: “…and grow…
7. CAPTION/Sabre: “…and grow…

We’re in it now.

8. CAPTION/Sabre: “…and grow hungry.

Screen 2

We’re on the leading edge of some nameless, lost to memory Land. A MAN is at work on his home, here.

And in the distance, we can see the STORM coming in.

1. CAPTION/Sabre: “Where they make Land, brush their shores or strike head on…
2. CAPTION/Sabre: “…chaos.

The MAN has looked up, seeing the STORM.

His FAMILY has rushed outside to see – WIFE and CHILD.

3. CAPTION/Sabre: “The land heaves, tears itself in twain, erupts in volcanic, liquid fire.
4. CAPTION/Sabre: “That which was fertile becomes barren, that which was desiccated blooms.
5. CAPTION/Sabre: “The famines that ravaged Fueille in the last century? The legacy of a Great Storm.