Screen 1

DRAKE and DRUM exchanging looks, as SABRE waits, much as before.

1. DRAKE: This key

DRAKE looking at SABRE. Measuring her, and her response.

2. DRAKE: …what makes it yours to claim?

3. SABRE: Aside from the fact that I have what it opens? Nothing at

SABRE, a little sexy, a little sassy, closer to DRAKE. DRAKE still as above.

4. SABRE: Don’t you want to know why men are willing to kill for
that little piece of metal?
5. SABRE: Don’t you want to know just what it unlocks?


SABRE is amused.

6. DRAKE: Not particularly.

Screen 2

SABRE shifts, arms folded. Looking at DRAKE with new eyes. She likes him more and more.

1. SABRE: Aren’t you just full of surprises.
2. SABRE: And what is it you do want, Marshal Miles Drake?

DRAKE in FG, DRUM past him. DRUM is in silent, emphatic agreement, with Drake’s words.

And Drake means what he’s saying.

3. DRAKE: A man was murdered, a judge was bought, and the law
was made a whore.
4. DRAKE: If Darius Payne weren’t behind it, he knows who is.

SABRE, still cocky, still swagger, maybe opening her arms to gesture, oh, that’s easy. Amused.

5. SABRE: I know who is, Marshal.

SABRE, more serious.

6. SABRE: Trust me when I say, you’re happier in the dark.