We’re overdue in posting this, but luckily Team Wollstonecraft — Jordan Stratford, Claire Robertson and Kevin Steil, aka Airship Ambassador — have met and surpassed their goal, ensuring the backing of his project. But with each additional dollar, the potential for Stratford’s series grows, and so Greg, Rick and I wanted to lend our support to Wollstonecraft.

Let’s be honest, the following synopsis is enough to earn our support:

This is a pro-math, pro-science, pro-history and pro-literature adventure novel for and about girls, who use their education to solve problems and catch a jewel thief. Ada and Mary encounter real historical characters, such as Percy Shelley, Charles Babbage, Michael Faraday, and Charles Dickens – people whom the girls actually knew. If Jane Austen wrote about zeppelins and brass goggles, this would be the book.

But Kevin has been, through his site and Twitter, an early and constant supporter of Lady Sabre, and so this is a no-brainer. Visit the Wollstonecraft Kickstarter page and help make goodness happen.