This weekend will see Emerald City Comic Con, three days of glorious comic and pop-culture geekery at the Washington State Convention Center. It will also see me sitting behind a table for much of those three days, with a variety of books and even some Lady Sabre t-shirts for sale (and a newly-acquired ability to take credit cards!). I’ll be doing one or two panels, as well, including “Crime Comics” on Saturday with some hack named Ed Brubaker, moderated by my good friend Dr. Ben Saunders, of the University of Oregon, and author of the rather excellent “Do The Gods Wear Capes?” Ben’s also doing another panel on the representation of Wonder Woman called Wonder Woman in Bondage, which sounds more titillating than it is, I’m sure. I’ll also be on the “Marvel: The Next Big Thing” panel on Sunday, mostly staying out of the way of Parker, Yost, and Slott.

So please, by all means stop by if you’re attending. I almost always have time to talk, and I’m happy to sign just about anything I’ve written. And yes, I do so for free.

Hold fast!