Screen 1

Pretty much stet of the previous day’s last screen, wider now, to include DRUM. Focus on DRAKE; he’s looking a little harder.

DRUM is shifting slightly, readying to swing his weapon free and move for cover, when the time comes. He’s pretty sure the time is coming very soon, now.

1. DRAKE: You’ve bought yourself a judge, Mister Payne.
2. DRAKE: The law ain’t for sale.

Past DRAKE, to PAYNE, flanked by a GUNMAN on either of his sides.

PAYNE is mildly amused by Drake’s simplicity.

3. PAYNE: That’s demonstrably untrue. Why else would we be standing here
4. PAYNE: *sigh*
5. PAYNE: Offering to purchase the key from you will clearly get us nowhere.
Is there no other means to resolve this?

Screen 2
DRAKE, now quite calmly tucking the hem of his coat back, to clear his right-side draw.

1. DRAKE: Your men can earn sense and throw down their irons.
2. DRAKE: But I reckon we’re past that.

On PAYNE. Slight smile, unamused. We can see the hints of just how ruthless this man can be, here.

3. PAYNE: I “reckon” we are.
4. PAYNE: Well, then.