Screen 1

Wide shot, the stand-off in the shipping yard.

DRAKE and DRUM at one side, PAYNE and his FIVE GUNMEN facing them. CRATES, STEAM ENGINE, as described.


1. PAYNE: Marshal.
2. PAYNE: My preference is to resolve this without spilling blood, neither
mine, nor that of you or your tracker.

On PAYNE. He’s much as before, calm, entirely in control of the situation, verging on arrogance in his self-assuredness.

3. PAYNE: If you’d surrender the key, please.


DRUM’S expression has hardened; he’s already picking out targets and the order in which he’ll be dropping them.

DRAKE is as muted and calm as ever.

4. DRAKE: No.

Screen 2

Angle, PAYNE, being quite reasonable.

On either side of him, his men are beginning to spread out a little bit. The GUNMEN seem perhaps a little too eager to get past the talk and to the killin’.

1. PAYNE: Elmer Johns acquired the key from an… associate of mine in a
game of cards. A game that associate had no business playing.
2. PAYNE: It’s useless to you, Marshal. It’s meaningless.

On PAYNE, and he’s hardened a bit. This is not an idle threat, and he is a man who abhors avoidable bloodshed.

3. PAYNE: Do you really want to die for it?

Reverse, to DRAKE. He’s considering this.

4. DRAKE: Naw.
5. DRAKE: But I will.