Screen 1

DRUM, along the rooftop, jumping to another building.


DRUM now landing on street-level beside DRAKE, who is waiting for him. DRAKE is looking grim. Very few people around, now. Almost sunset.

1. DRAKE: Which way?

2. DRUM: Toward Lake Genevieve.
3. DRUM: He’s on to us.

DRAKE resolutely setting off, DRUM in step with him.

4. DRAKE: Bully for him.

DRAKE and DRUM rounding a corner.

5. DRAKE: I intend to get answers one way—

Screen 2

Behind DRAKE and DRUM, as they’ve rounded the corner into a shipping lot. CRATES of various shapes and sizes here, as well as some pieces of INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT, including what appears to be a BULKY STEAM ENGINE with various HOSES coming off it.

They’re facing SIX MEN, including PAYNE, who stands at the center of the group. All but PAYNE are ARMED, with PISTOLS and/or LONG GUNS of various makes and sizes. Payne himself looks oddly out of place amidst them, far too refined to be associating with men of such obviously “low character.”

1. DRAKE: —or another….