Screen 1

On DRAKE and DRUM emerging from the building, onto the street. DRAKE is adjusting his hat.

DRUM is glancing about. A slight smile.

1. DRUM: It’s unlike you to lie to a man, Miles.
2. DRUM: You told the Judge you didn’t have the key.

3. DRAKE: I don’t.

DRAKE cracks a slight – very slight – grin.

4. DRAKE: I seem to recall it was you who picked it up.

Angle, DRAKE and DRUM crossing the street, coming towards us.

In the BG, past them, we can see PAYNE at his window in Governor House, behind them, now, watching their departure.

5. DRAKE: Keep it close…

On PAYNE, watching from the window. Considering.

6. DRAKE/off: …I’m guessing some hands liable to come reaching for it….