Screen 1

New angle, DRAKE and DRUM facing the JUDGE, who is now rising from behind his desk, and getting annoyed. PAYNE is still at the window.

1. D’ARRABAS: Not much? Not much?
2. D’ARRABAS: What does that mean, not much?

3. PAYNE: It means Elmer Johns is dead

On PAYNE, turning his head to speak to the Judge, off. He’s calm, and mildly – very mildly – amused. This is the reveal of PAYNE, as far as it goes, and there’s something about this guy… as I said before, handsome, clearly smart… and very, very dangerous.

PAYNE is very well-dressed, waistcoat, vest; we can see what we assume is the chain to his pocket-watch leading to a vest pocket.

4. PAYNE: …isn’t that right, Marshal?

DRAKE and PAYNE, looking at each other.

PAYNE is very easy-going, emanating a gentle bonhomie, smiling slightly. DRAKE is appraising him, poker-faced.

5. DRAKE: That’s what it means.

Screen 2

New angle, DRAKE has turned his attention back to the JUDGE; PAYNE still watching him. DRUM is looking at PAYNE with naked curiosity.

The JUDGE is coming to his feet behind the desk, clearly agitated.

1. JUDGE: Dead? Dead?
2. JUDGE: You were supposed to apprehend him, not shoot him down!

3. DRAKE: Gunmen were awaiting us when we touched ground in

DRAKE and PAYNE, again looking at each other.

The JUDGE, oblivious, still thinks he’s the center of attention.

4. DRAKE: …they beefed Johns first thing, came at us hard next.
5. DRAKE: Nothing for it but to fight.

Stet. They’re taking each others’ measure.

6. PAYNE: No less than any man would.