There’s been much conversation amongst Rick, Eric, and myself in the past couple weeks about our impending first trade, which we’re hoping to release once Chapter Four is completed. Conversation has been centered on two points, really – how to release it and in what format(s). We’re discussing a digital version that would be available for free, as well as printed trades in – as of now – three variations. The digital and the first trade version would be roughly identical, with all of the comics included and, perhaps, some of the ancillary material from the site. The second trade version would be nearly identical to the first, but in hardcover. A third possible would be a “prestige” – for lack of a better word – hardcover, signed and numbered, and with a sketch, remark, or similar addition by Rick.

As of this moment, the plan for distribution is pretty straightforward – available online or in-person, and that’s it. Meaning, if you want a copy of the trade, you’ll need to either order it from the site, here, or buy a copy from Rick, Eric, or myself, most-likely at one of the shows we’ll be attending. This, like all other aspects of the trade, may change.

One of the guiding principles when we started work on this project was to divorce “screen” from “page” – thus a screen from the site would not necessarily reproduce identically in print. If you look back at Chapter One, for instance, the reveal of the Regent’s Zep is clearly better served by being a double-page spread in a trade edition. This means that Rick is spending a lot of time this week playing the cutting-and-pasting game as we begin trying to create our book map. Or, to put it another way, our experiment is continuing.

These are early days yet for the trade aspect, and we’ve a lot of choices ahead of us regarding its creation and distribution. Bearing that in mind, we’d love to hear from you, Dear Reader, about what you’d like in a trade, and what options you think we should be exploring that we have not, perhaps, considered. I make no guarantees as to the implementation of any such suggestions, mind you, but who knows? You all tend to be a rather clever lot, and we’d much rather produce something you’d actually be interested in owning than, say, printing up five hundred doorstops.

To this end, we are asking the following questions:

1) What would you like to see in a Lady Sabre trade?

2) What would you like to distinguish between “regular” and “deluxe” (or “limited”) editions?

3) Any other suggestions or wish-list items? Any other requests or matters we may have overlooked?

Hold fast!