Screen 1

Angle, outside of Kaya’s shack. The busy street.

SABRE is stepping over one of the GUARDS that Westfield took care of, coming towards us. She’s looking grim.

WESTFIELD is emerging after her.

1. WESTFIELD: Captain?

2. SABRE: The seventeen stars, West.

WESTFIELD has caught up with SABRE.

SABRE is striding purposefully forward, pulling a HANDKERCHIEF from somewhere on her person.

3. WESTFIELD: And that’s how you come to be wearing
your own blood on your cheek?

4. SABRE: The seventeen stars. The symbol of the

SABRE stops, dabbing her cheek with the HANDKERCHIEF.


5. SABRE: A man with a badge.

SABRE looking at her blood on the handkerchief.


Screen 2

SABRE looking up at WEST. Her manner has changed – bright and sunny again.

WESTFIELD is frowning.

1. SABRE: We must back to Pegasus and make sail.

2. WESTFIELD: Aye? And to where, then?

SABRE smiling, teasing.

4. SABRE: Seventeen stars and a badge?
5. SABRE: The symbol of the Fueille and a
marshal’s badge, West?
6. SABRE: Mainetoille, in the Easterly, must be.

Angle, as WESTFIELD and SABRE head away from us.

In the FG, we’re looking past a CROW, perched on a rooftop.

6. WESTFIELD: You’ll not say how you came by that cut?
7. WESTFIELD: Nor what else you saw?

8. SABRE: The enemy, West…

Stet, but SABRE and WESTFIELD small figures, disappearing into the crowd.

The CROW has turned slightly, canting its head – and we can see that it’s a CLOCKWORK BIRD.

9. SABRE/small: …I saw the enemy….