Screen 1

SABRE scrambling back, getting to her feet. KAYA is alarmed, reacting, hands out, flailing.

The SPILLED AETHER is vanishing into the air.

1. KAYA: What?!?
2. KAYA: Lady, what did you see!?!

3. SABRE: Westfield!

WESTFIELD has burst in, alarmed. KAYA is all a-flutter.

SABRE is up, now, her expression cold. THREE SLIGHT CUTS on her cheek where she was clawed.

4. WESTFIELD: Captain?

5. KAYA: Please, please m’Lady! What did you see?

Past SABRE’S HAND, as she retrieves the TUBE from beside the toppled BOWL.

KAYA visible, trying to locate her by sound, almost frantic.

6. KAYA: I felt it, felt it reaching out!

Screen 2

SABRE has recovered the TUBE. Her expression is as cold as before. She’s staring at KAYA with fury.

KAYA trying to locate her by sound, still, more and more distraught.

1. KAYA: What did you see? I beg you, m’Lady!
2. KAYA: I meant no harm, I gave the divination
you desired…
3. KAYA: …please, m’Lady….

Stet, maybe closer on SABRE. She is as close to furious as we’re ever likely to see her.

4. SABRE: Pay her, West.

Angle, SABRE is leaving the room, leaving WEST and KAYA.

KAYA is now clearly distraught. WESTFIELD is looking after SABRE, concerned.

5. KAYA: I smell the blood…
6. KAYA: …master and maker I can smell it…

On KAYA, alone. Frightened.

7. KAYA: …and smoke
8. KAYA/small: …I smell smoke….