I’d intended this post for Friday last, but the hack on the site stole that particular opportunity away. Holiday wishes seem a little tardy as a result, despite our managing to get Rick’s beautiful little postcard up. Bumps have been smoothed, however, and all seems to be running once again as it should.

Rick, Eric, and myself are taking the rest of this week off, but posting will resume following New Year. There’s a new Almanac entry planned on Miles Drake, and more posts in the Good Stuff series, as well as additional ramblings. Most crucially, of course, Rick has been working like mad on the screens, and the end of Chapter Three is well and truly on the horizon. There’s plenty more to come, that’s what I’m trying to say.

To all of you who’ve been making Lady Sabre a regular stop, who’ve been enjoying the story and exploring the site, who’ve been passing along the word about our little venture, here, our sincerest and most heartfelt thanks. This is truly a labor of love for us, and your comments, retweets, shares, and word-of-mouth is life’s blood. Thank you for your continued support.

Wherever you are, however you celebrate, may your holidays been a delight, and your New Year be joyous.

Hold fast!