Screen 1

Rick, technique as discussed, here.

This is, essentially, Sabre’s POV, but it’s more abstract. Looking into the swirling AETHER within the BOWL.

KAYA’S DROP OF BLOOD is spreading in the clouds of Aether like water running through the threads of fine linen paper. The CLOUDS of AETHER are peeling back to reveal:

A ROSE – the Allyrian Rose, the symbol of the Monarch.
A HELM and SWORD – the symbol of the Hollern Unification under Schrade.
A SPIRAL of SEVENTEEN STARS – the symbol of the Feuille.

TWO MEN – Drake and Drum, but so indistinct in the misty clouds as to be unidentifiable.


Screen 2

Stet, but DRAKE and DRUM are now more visible as the symbols fade.

We’re seeing them as they make their way down a main street in Cité Rafael. DRUM glancing about, and DRAKE walking resolutely forward.

DRAKE’S COAT is open enough that we can see his BADGE.

The SWIRL of STARS surrounds and disappears behind them.

SOMETHING is rising up behind them, vague and indistinct, an oily, black, brackish SMOKE billowing up.


Screen 3

Stet, but DRAKE and DRUM being erased by the OILY SMOKE.

Something moving in the smoke, something massive, coming closer. Wings and fire.

Think of the Eye of Sauron.