Screen 1

Pull back to wide of the little room.

Manifest AETHER is swirling in the air, its glow already fading.

SABRE is watching, fascinated – and yes, a little jealous – as KAYA gestures, reaching to control the CLOUDS.

1. SABRE: My ancestors–

2. KAYA: Hush.

KAYA, her expression one of exertion, as she wills the AETHER to do her bidding.

The AETHER is pouring like water from where its floating, down, filling the BOWL.

3. KAYA: Now…

KAYA has produced a KNIFE from within a SLEEVE, is cutting her index finger over the bowl.

4. KAYA: …tell me…

A DROP of KAYA’S BLOOD, falling from her finger, towards the AETHER that SWIRLS in the bowl.

5. KAYA: …what do you see?