I’m working on the new Almanac entry, this one about Allyria and the Rose. If I can get my act together, it’ll go up Monday with the new screens, along with a map of Allyria itself, and the Royal Crest, as Mr. Burchett has designed. Might even try to get the Sabre Coat of Arms in there, too, if Rick has the time for it.

I’ve been horribly remiss in Almanac entries of late. And much slower about posting the “regular” blog posts than I’d like. This is what busy looks like, I suppose, but when I cast my eyes about all I see are bits and pieces of projects in various states of dress, not a one of them fully-clothed and ready to go out into the world. I suppose this means that, soon enough, there’ll be a parade of content from various sources. As of now, it’s like being backstage on opening night with a bunch of clothespins held between one’s teeth, running from one actor to another, trying to hem costume after costume.

What I’m going to try to do, therefore, is actually get things back on a schedule, at least on my end. There’s a “Good Stuff” post for this coming Tuesday about FreakAngels, and the week after, I’d like to do another Almanac entry. I’ve got a few ideas what the next one should be, but if any of you out there have suggestions or requests, please pass them along? Recognize that Almanac entries without accompanying art are actually easier to execute at this point, because, y’see, I cannot draw, and while Rick can draw, he’s supposed to be drawing screens, and not my mental ephemera.

Oh, and have a good weekend!

Hold fast!