Screen 1

Exterior of the Shack, along the alleyway. A GROUP of the REGENT’S TROOPS – a variation of the Hollern Guards from Chapter One – are clustered here, the Sergeant amongst them speaking with a LOCAL URCHIN. Figure there are five, total.

The URCHIN is pointing towards the SHACK.

1. SABRE/shack: Never you mind how I acquired it, Kaya…


Interior of the back room.

SABRE is seated cross-legged in front of KAYA.

KAYA holds the CASE in one hand, end of the PIPE in the corner of her mouth. Smoke leaks from her mouth.

2. SABRE: …what I require is how I can open it.

3. KAYA: With its key, Allyrian.

4. SABRE: Brilliant. I had managed that divination


New two-shot. KAYA, a slight smile, the end of the pipe still stuck in the corner of her mouth.

SABRE is growing annoyed.

5. KAYA: Such haste. One wonders why.
6. KAYA: One wonders what is inside.

7. SABRE: One does wonder, witch.

Screen 2


Exterior of the SHACK once more. The REGENT’S TROOPS are drawing their BLADES, as the SERGEANT gestures for them to remain silent, preparing to enter.

1. SABRE/inside: One wonders at my patience


Interior front room. WESTFIELD is leaning against the wall beside the entrance, arms folded, bored. Looks like he’s asleep.

2. SABRE/off: …and whether or not you’re wasting my


Stet, closer. WESTFIELD is opening one eye as the SERGEANT is cautiously edging through the TARP that covers the front door, here, his BLADE leading the way.

3. SABRE/off: …or perhaps waiting for something more?