I suspect I’m not alone in the unending conflict between bowing to the needs of self-promotion and the desire for due modesty. Self-promotion always smacks too much of self-aggrandizement to me. At the same time, I hope my modesty is never false.

But some things you’ve just got to share.


  • There’s this, which came to Eric, Rick, and I as a very delightful surprise – the folks at 4chan have nominated us in the /Co/ Awards 2011, in the category of “Most Promising New Webcomic.” This is nice, but more, it means that the folks at 4chan are reading us, and that is awesome.
  • There’s been a spate of interviews over the last month or so that’ve gone up, as well. Those of you reading more than just the screens as they post may have seen these already, but I thought I’d share the list in RSS-reader-friendly format.
  • A reasonably long interview with John Siuntres at Wordballoon, broken into two parts. I love talking with John, and these interviews are always a delight. You can find Part 1 here, Part 2 here.
  • A lovely little bit of video that was shot at the New York Comic Con, where I chat with Jonah Weiland of CBR.( Note how laid back I am in the Tiki Room.)
  • Interview at The Outhouse. Jump to Page Four and you can read the bits about Lady Sabre.
  • A looong interview with Rick and I by Zack Smith, over at Newsarama.


Hold fast!