Chapter Three

Day 1
Screen 1

The Aether, nightside, long shot. Wisps of visible Aether, maybe a few clouds of it, maybe even a glow from one or two of the larger manifest pockets.

THE PEGASUS, in longshot, mainsail and fore mainsail unfurled, her fore, main, and mizzen-maintopsails and fore, main, and mizzen maintopgallants reefed. Maybe canting slightly larboard, to indicate “heavy airs” they’re traveling. Wings are tucked-slash-stowed.

I know, I’m being waaay too anal-retentive on the details here.


Close, on the masthead of THE PEGASUS, which is – wait for it – a Pegasus!

1. SFX: [notes, faint]

Wide, looking at the stern of the Pegasus, in particular the GALLERY WINDOWS into the Captain’s cabin.

A warm glow of lamplight from within, casting LADY SABRE in silhouette, as she plays her violin. Her hair is down, her shirt is loosed from her breeches – she is not on deck, and thus is more willing to literally “let her hair down.”

2. SFX: [notes, louder]

Screen 2

Interior of the Captain’s Cabin, reverse of previous panel, so we’re looking past a TABLE in the FG, to SABRE beyond, still playing the violin, eyes closed. As stated, she’s relaxed somewhat – collar unfastened, shirt untucked.

The TABLE is cluttered, maps and charts held down with various instruments, and a silver coffee service – small tray, pot, cup.

The TUBE from Chapter One is here, closed, on the table.

1. SFX: [notes]