Interior of the main hall aboard the Cloud Queen. Very much a grand saloon interior. Piano player and maybe dancing girls. Again, that reaching for Victorian decor.

There are, of course, multiple tables here, and more than a few games at them – couple tables for our poker analogue, at least one roulette wheel.

Clientele in here is mixed.

JOHNS, a smooth and smiling swindler, sits at one of the games of poker, playing away. He’s as much a professional gambler as he is a conman, and he has the slickness of the practiced liar.

(Rick, not sure what to do for sound in the panel; there’s a piece of me that wants a lot of crowd noise, music, etc; there’s another part of me that thinks it should be no copy. Thoughts?)



At the table with Johns’ game. Figure there are four others playing, you can mix and match who they might be.

JOHNS is grinning as he discards. His stake at the table is fairly large – he’s clearly winning.

1. JOHNS:          That’s either a mighty fine hand, or a mighty bold bluff, friend.

2. JOHNS:          Two.



Around the table, as the DEALER flips out the new cards.

1. PLAYER 1:       Know when I’m beat, I’m out.

2. PLAYER 2:       Fold.

3. O’HARE:         I think you’re a LIAR, Mister Johns.


JOHNS, DEALER, and the remaining player, a fella named O’HARE, who does not like the fact that he’s been losing since he sat down here.

4. O’HARE:         I think you’re as full of BROWN as the King of Baelor.

5. O’HARE:         And I’m calling your BLUFF.


O’HARE pushes what remains of his stake into the pot. JOHNS is relaxed, the conman’s smile in place.

6. O’HARE:         Call.

7. JOHNS:          Your funeral.

8. JOHNS:           Castle of ladies and stars…


On JOHNS’ hand as he lays it out, three QUEENS, two ACES (“stars”).

9. JOHNS:          …think you’ve got a better fortune, Mister O’Hare…?