Exterior establishing, the Tanitin East, what would be the American Southwest, if we had such a thing. Think Monument Valley, high buttes. Blue sky and white clouds.

The boom town of Gordon’s Find sit at the base of one of the massive rocks; wooden stairs have been built up on scaffolding alongside, allowing people to ascend and descend by foot. A steam-powered elevator – should look terribly rickety – as well.

And one of our SKYBOATS – hot air balloons and all – is docked at the top of the butte, mooring lines and scurrying business as passengers embark and depart.

1. TAILLESS:       All ABOARD!

2. TAILLESS:       Now departing, the Cloud Queen, making land fall at Denton, Rodrigo’s Prayer, Tumbledown, and points SOUTH!


Boarding – picturing a broad wooden pier, essentially a nautical analogue for our sky boat. People are boarding, PORTERS in dapper uniforms assisting; very much that Victorian aspiration to style that we were discussing, Rick. Women in dresses just a little out of fashion, but still their best. Men in suits with their hats.

A SHIP’S MATE – in the role of conductor, I should think – is hollering, a hand cupped to his mouth.

Amidst the crowd, we can see DRAKE and DRUM moving to board. They move differently, and people are parting for them.

3. MATE:           All ABOARD!