I made wallpapers for you.

I did this because I love you, and because I feel everyone should have the opportunity to gaze at Rick’s artwork, and the glorious green eyes of her Ladyship.

And also because I like wallpapers. I’m that guy. I’m the guy who has 100 wallpapers for his laptop and desktop, and they’re on a random rotation and change every five minutes.

These wallpapers are available in a wide variety of easy to digest resolutions. However, this being my first time making for folks that are not me, if I missed one or two obvious screen sizes, please let me know and I’ll rectify the error post-haste.

Follow the link, click on the image, make with the right-click and download away!

1920×1200, 1660×1050, 1440×900, 1366×768 (people actually use this?), 1280×10241280×800, and 1024×768.

If the resolutions seem somewhat arbitrary, that’s because they are. I’m like that. Arbitrary. Yep. That’s me.

Working on a new Process post for later this week, dealing with the lack of updates to the Almanac, which, as I just said, I haven’t updated since dear ‘ol Hans’ bio went live. This is not due to lack of content as much as its due to me being unable to make up my mind. There’s so much information floating around on our end, I don’t want to roll it out willy-nilly. I’d much rather let the entries have, at the least, some thematic connection to the chapter that’s running.

So this week, at some point, I’ll be posting to the Almanac about different sword-fighting schools. Which should be interesting, as I’m having to research that particular nest of vipers amidst two – no, wait, three – other deadlines.

But I will do this, I promise.

Because, as I said, I love you.



Hold fast!