All right, so… Wednesday night my son, my father, and my friend Neal Bailey (of Cura Te Ipsum fame) got to watch the Portland Timbers spank the LA Galaxy 3-0. This was a big damn deal for me, as 1) I love my Timbers, and 2) the Galaxy had gone undefeated for a long stretch this season. And yes, I’m talking about football (*cringe* “soccer”), and don’t worry, I’m almost done. Great game. Had a terrific time. Came home with my throat hoarse and exhausted and exhilirated…

…and found this in waiting for me in the inbox:

Lady Sabre Poster by Kyle Latino

(Make with the click to see a bigger version.)

So, yes, pretty much an amazing night all around. The piece was done by Kyle Latino, whose work I’ve been passingly familiar with for over a year now. And, aside from it being generally awesome (and you should definitely check out his site, because his style is fantastic), it’s flattering as hell.

Been a busy week work-wise. Still scripting Chapter Three, and Rick is turning out the pages for Chapter Two, now, so our never-ending quest to remain on top of the schedule is progressing as planned. Eric, Rick, and I have been engaged in a discussion about trying to get the comic out to a wider audience, and I have to keep reminding myself to be patient. We’re early days yet, and my gut tells me to wait until Chapter One has been posted before beginning a new push. The ideal, of course, is to rely upon word-of-mouth, and you, our Gentle Readers, to spread the word. We’re in for the long-haul, as stated, and the first Book of Sabre is barely begun.

So I think that, and then I think of a line from an old routine by The Frantics. “Ed Gruberman, you must learn patience.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, patience. How long will that take?”

Hold fast!