A digression (the first of what will be many, I suspect).

Just back from San Diego and the Comic Con International. This was my 20th SDCC in a row. Not coincidentally, Jennifer and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. This should provide some perspective, if not for you, dear reader, certainly for myself. My adult life has been framed by the San Diego Comic Con. In one way, that’s kind of terrifying. In another, it’s truly magnificent.

My memory – and he may remember things differently – is that Rick and I first met at San Diego, invited to dinner by then-Batman Group Editor Denny O’Neil, who remains, to this day, one of the most magnificent, gracious, and talented people I have the honor of knowing, inside comics and out. It was a small dinner – Rick, myself, Denny, and his lovely wife Marifran – at long-since forgotten restaurant in the Horton Plaza. I don’t remember what I ate, I don’t even remember what kind of food was served, but what I do remember – acutely – is that Rick and I were immediately engrossed in one of those conversations where you find yourself saying, over and over again, yes! and then leaning forward to further agree with whatever it was that may have come up at the time. I’m pretty sure we talked about everything from how we saw Batman to various iterations of Bond to favorite Westerns to the Irish comedian Dave Allen.

I left that meal knowing I had to work with Rick. Absolutely had to work with him, and it really didn’t matter on what, just as long as it was something we could do together. Denny, being Denny, provided the opportunity a short time later during the No Man’s Land event, and Rick and I have pretty much continued working off and on (more off than on, I fear, present circumstances excluded) ever since.

I’m in mind of this because this year, opposite San Diego, there was a lovely little event called Tr!ckster, put on by Scott Morse and Ted Mathot and many others. In quick strokes, it was essentially an artist/creator celebration, with various symposia held on a variety of topics. I participated in two such conversations, one on World Building (creating the “Immaculate Reality”), the other on assembling a Creator-Owned Creative Team. One of the metaphors that kept cropping up during that symposium – and it came up several times, in fact – was that collaboration (certainly with regard to creating comics) is very much like a marriage. It requires a shared commitment, it requires blazingly clear lines of communication, it requires understanding, it requires patience, it requires mutual respect, and the list goes on and on. And much like marriage, it is fraught with many of the same pitfalls – right up to and including the potential of the bitter, and violent, divorce.

Pursuing this already clumsy metaphor, it’s hard for me to pinpoint the moment when Rick and I got “engaged,” so to speak, and I’m honestly not certain when exactly the wedding took place. But of all the children we’ve tried to bring into the world (…this is getting far more heavy-handed than I intended, but I’m going to see it through…), it’s already clear that Lady Sabre has made it the furthest.

I had a number of people – and a number of fellow creators – come up to me at the show and express their delight at what Rick and I are doing here. I am grateful, more than you can imagine. No one likes to work in a vacuum, and this is a labor of love for us (for all of us, Eric, Rick, and myself), and hearing that people are enjoying it… well, that means the world. Sincerely.


It is, however, the day of my return from San Diego. My feet are blistered, my voice is shot, and my mind is not at its razor-sharpest. There’ll be an Almanac update later this week (and yes, more on The Pegasus will be revealed in an upcoming entry), and a correction to the page that was posted on Monday (and no, I won’t say when the correction will be posted; I’m kind of interested to see who’ll spot the differences), and an update to the Market, with the Lady Sabre shirts debuting for sale. I also suspect a new Process post, as well – going over my notes as I write this, I see that Rick and I have divergent thoughts about some of the technology, and the process of reconciling that will most likely justify an entry all its own.

And the con… the con was fantastic this year, honestly. Best time I’ve had in as long as I can remember.

Though I’m still sad that I didn’t get to visit the BioWare Base….

Hold fast!