Thus, revision. And the enormity of the undertaking Eric, Rick, and I have – ahem – undertaken is beginning to sink in. Maybe that’s why Rick decided to decamp for Ireland. Though the first vacation with his wife in nearly 30 years may also be a factor.

We’ve been tweaking. Many things, in fact. You may have noted the following:

1) Characters is now gone, replaced with An Almanac, a more encompassing term, in my opinion. The new bio went up on Monday, and next week I think we’ll switch it up a bit, post something about the world. In another few weeks, I’m thinking we’ll open this up to suggestions. If there’s something you’re seeing that you’re curious about, would like more information on, let us know, and we’ll slot it for an Almanac entry.

2) The Market has been adjusted, now with an International Sales option. We’re still trying to figure out our pricing scheme, but for now, after running the numbers – and back and forth to the post office – we’ll be charging a flat $10.00 shipping & handling on international orders for the poster.

3) Related. We have a shirt. It is, in my opinion, a very nice shirt. It will debut for sale at Tr!ckster on Friday, the 22nd. Upon returning from SDCC, we’ll make it available here on the site. Look for an image of the front to be posted either in a Dispatch or the Market come this Thursday.

4) Also related: all orders received have now been shipped out as of this morning. If you do not receive your order in the next 7-10 days, please contact us and we will seek to resolve the matter in a timely fashion.

So, the first week completed, and the learning curve has been pretty dramatic. Eric and I spent a long time on the phone last night discussing the pacing and posting schedule. I’m still trying to wrap both my head and my writing around the serial webcomic format. Chapter Two will be a much different-looking beast when it starts. I’ll be interested to see the reactions when the time comes. It’s clear that trying to find the proper balance between a satisfying posting schedule and not digging us into a hole will be an ongoing concern. This is not news, mind; we’ve been struggling with exactly this issue from the start. Ironically enough, it’s been Eric and I who’ve been trying to rein Rick in when he tells us, no, it’s okay, post two or three at a time, I don’t mind.

And the thing is, I know Rick pretty well, and I know he means it, and I know he wouldn’t mind.

But I’d kinda like to have him around for the long haul, and not see him burn himself out trying to churn out screens as fast as his little fingers can carry him.

Carry on!