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As discussed, we want to stay in close on the exteriors, here, until the full reveal of where we are. So night sky, and sense of “ground.”

Close on the wheel-lock hatchway as it opens, SABRE’S hand visible as she pulls herself up. Still no reveal of our heroine.

1. CAPTION/Hans: –I’ll circle AROUND….

Topside, the dress in a HEAP, now, abandoned.


OTS the HANS, as he climbs out of another hatchway. In the BG, we can see SABRE, looking around. She’s about to be surrounded. Out of the dress she’s in her ‘base costume,’ I should think – the leather pants and fabulous boots and underbust corset over her dueling shirt. NO SWORD, NO GUN.

This panel will include the night sky, I should think.


And now on SENECA SABRE, as she whips her head about to look towards Hans, off panel. Eyes shining, hair wild, our pulp pirate heroine.

2. HANS/off: Sabre!