So we begin our journey.

This project – or a project much like this one – has been a long time in coming for Rick and myself. Over the last decade, we’ve tried to start no less than four different projects, only to have them all shot down for one reason or another by publishers who either had no confidence, or no interest, in what we proposed. In point of fact, Lady Sabre exists because of precisely this problem. Rewinding.

For the last couple of years, Rick and I have been trying to get something we call “American Soldier” up and running, basically a narrative history of the United States as told through the military service of one family. It’s ambitious, and it’s research intensive, and it’s big, and it’s all those things that publishers get really nervous about when you put the proposal in front of them and then tell them how much you’ll need to do it right.

At which point they smile wanly and wish us the best of luck.

We got so frustrated by this, and by this consistent hang-fire in our working together, that about eight months ago, we decided we needed to do something. We needed to do anything. Just to break free of the direct market and to tell a story that would be fun – fun to read, and fun to make. We started talking about webcomics, and the ones we’d seen and liked, and how maybe we could take a turn at that, and what would it hurt to try?

Problem was, neither Rick nor I do anything half-assed. Second problem, neither Rick nor I have any web-savvy at all.

Solution to both, Eric Newsom, our webmaster and web-designer, scholar and comics fan. If you like the looks of the site, that’s Eric. If you like the way the comic reads on the screen, that’s Eric. And if you’re not getting a 404 error? Definitely Eric.


This said, Rick and I quickly fell in love with the idea of Lady Sabre. As the story progresses, you’ll see more and more of our pet passions appearing on the screen. We have made a commitment to these character, this story, and to you, our audience, and our intention is to honor all three. Here, at the beginning, there isn’t much to say. As the story unfolds, both Rick and I will be offering more insight and commentary, both about the tale we’re telling and the work that goes into bringing it to the screen.

It’s a learning process for all of us, to be sure, Eric included. We are benefitting from the efforts of those who have gone before onto the web, and I certainly am aware of my Johnny-come-Lately status. Writing for the screen is not writing for the page. There are going to be some bumps, and plenty of mistakes, along the way.

We will do our best to learn quickly.

More, we will do our best to entertain. Consistently, constantly, assuredly, we strive to entertain.

Welcome to the Sphere.

Beware the Storms!